9 Reasons to Join the ACPU

Get Out There:
Expand Your Network with Like-Minded Professionals.
Learn New Skills and Gain Valuable Professional Experience.
Get the Lowdown on Professional Development Opportunities You Otherwise Wouldn't Know About.
Give Your Reputation a Lift Through APCU.
Create a Name for Yourself.
Find (Or Be) a Mentor, or a committee member

Legal & Accounting.

Legal consulting and representation.

Unified Voice

with the Minister of Transport, The Minister of Labor & UBER.

Group & Insurance.

Auto, Home, Health & disability insurance. Income protection

Car Dealerships.

Special Group pricing with car dealerships.

Maintenance Repair.

Maintenance & detailing service centers.

Restaurants & Travel Deals.

Special Group discounts with restaurants, hotels and travel.

Accounting Services.

Accounting services for the industry & Association members.

Our Motto

In short, Uber generates massive benefits for society at large.
Regulators have had varied responses to Uber's entrance into the local market.
We are here to make sure the driver's are getting a fair treatment.

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